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jungkookie-taetae said: apparently I’m a slut nerd lol

catpopfeels said: #powertonerds

i love you guys ♡

somehow i feel comfort in the fact you’re a slut now and i’m a nerd.

babe. your cuddles are the best, i seriously miss them. when will i be able to feel your soft and warm arms again? when will i be able to hear your heart beating so close to mine? i miss you, sweet angel. i miss you. - youngjae (oho 10 points if you guess who i am~)
- Anonymous


a;slkdjfa what is this?! wait wait lemme be in character. xD

-ugly horrid blushing- (yes darling you win. you made me blush) -looks up- AS SOON AS YOU GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE TO GIVE ME CUDDLES (*falls over laughing*) wait okay seriously now. as;lkja;lskf you really did make me blush holy shit. Youngjae is the baby boyfriend and and and -faints and falls to the floor- My cheeks are warm oh god. too much too much ABORT ABORT ABORT

(SHIT I actually have no idea there are too many possibilities on who you could be XD)

it was meee! /winky face 



Tim Burton: "He was so desperately in love with Winona, that when they broke up, he wouldn’t admit it was over for the longest time."

how have I never seen this picture before, holy crap


i follow everyone back